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This webinar looks at the unique role in building blockchain solutions to retailers’ needs that retail legal and compliance executives play. Blockchain has recently emerged as a revolutionary technology with the potential to bring transformational change to retail supply chains, payment systems, and other operations. Originally constructed to safely and securely record, store, and track digital currency transactions, blockchain technology has the capacity to reduce fraud, enable smart contracts, create a more transparent and secure retail supply chain, and ensure that shopping experiences are consistent and transparent.

This Management Model describes 30 dimensions necessary to a strong retail innovation program. It describes the practices that traditional retailers are taking toward two types of innovation, namely: (1) incremental innovation, which primarily targets improvements in operational performance, and (2) transformative innovation, to identify and roll-out business model innovations.

The (R)Tech Speaker Bureau provides a look at the leading thinkers and practitioner willing to speak about retail innovation. These executives showcase a variety of industry perspectives from across the (R)Tech Center’s network.