(R)Tech | Research Reports
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Research Reports

To help build a futures mindset, RILA and Forum for the Future extrapolated the (R)Tech Transformational Trends impacting the retail industry to create four scenarios, each of which depicts potential challenges and opportunities ahead in the retail industry.

February 2018

The (R)Tech Transformational Trends report explores the six mega-pressures conspiring to transform the retail industry, triggering the emergence of (R)Tech, the confluence of retail and technology.

September 2017

Building an (R)Tech Culture explores four elements necessary to embedding innovation into retail companies. This report serves to address a critical challenge facing the retail industry – innovation cultures – through leading practices and case studies from the most successful companies for creating just that.

July 2017

This report dives into the Four Cardinal Challenges that retailers face in innovating. These challenges emerged from a survey distributed to (R)Tech Center members and a series of interviews; they are inhibiting the growth of innovation programs across the retail industry.

May 2017

The (R)Tech Center for Innovation’s foundational report describes the retail industry’s evolution to (R)Tech, the challenges and opportunities in it, and the path for retailers willing to blaze the trail. It also introduces RILA’s (R)Tech Center’s role in accelerating the industry transformation.

January 2017